Alcoholic Ginger Beer

by admin

Alcoholic Ginger Beer


5 gallons (19 litres) water
2 lbs (just under 1 kg) finely chopped ginger root
20 cups sugar
4 lemons chopped
¾ teaspoon of cream of tartar

1 packet champagne yeast (a beer store may be able to supply this) ( If not available do a Google search as  several online stores supply this product).


Bring the water to the boil in the largest pot you have. Must be able to support the water and the sugar once it is added.

Add in the lemons, chopped ginger and cream of tartar

Add the sugar.

Bring to rolling boil then let simmer for half an hour.

Remove from heat and let cool but still keeping warm.

Using some of the liquid from the pot dissolve the yeast into it and then stir it back into the large pot. Cover the pot and let if ferment for one week at 65 to 70 degrees F ( about 20 degrees C).

Scoop out the lemon and ginger pieces before bottling. This can be done through a piece of muslin cloth.

Bottle in plastic soda bottles as that is the safer method. Ginger beer is a volatile drink and can explode glass bottles so care in storage is needed if you do decide to use glass..

Place in the fridge before use and be careful on opening !

Happy (hic) drinking !